RHEL drama, ChromeOS and more ... Our vultures speak freely about the latest in Linux

Do distros even matter in the era of cloud and microservices?

Register Kettle Linux is everywhere. Servers, phones, laptops, and more, whether people know it or not. And it's all over our headlines lately – for good reason.

Here are a few recent highlights:

  • Linux has nearly half of the desktop OS Linux market, as our own Liam Proven quipped
  • AlmaLinux project climbed down from being a one-to-one RHEL clone after Red Hat put a paywall around its source code
  • SUSE announced its own RHEL-compatible distro (again) and Oracle chipped in its thoughts following those Red Hat changes
  • And one of our columnists, SJVN, blamed IBM for the RHEL drama

For this week's Kettle we got our FOSS journalist Liam on the show with a few of our other vultures to chat about ChromeOS, the licensing kerfuffle, where Linux distros stand in the era of microservices and cloud, and more. You can watch it all below.

From top left going clockwise in the thumbnail, we have The Register's Tobias Mann, Chris Williams, Liam Proven, and host Iain Thomson. Our producer and editor is Nicole Hemsoth Prickett. All yours to view in just thirty seconds shy of a twenty-minute coffee break. ®

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