Infosys launches 'sonic identity' – an aural logo to 'reinforce brand purpose'

It’s a 'digital metaphor' that signals the sound of opportunity, apparently

LogoWatch Indian tech services giant Infosys has launched a "sonic identity" that The Register's irregular marketing column Logo Watch feels compelled to cover because the outfit has described it as the "auditory equivalent of its blue visual identity and logo."

The sonic identity is expressed as a three-second sting that bears more than a passing resemblance to the "Intel bong".

Infosys has also been rather more ambitious by releasing a version of its aural imprimatur that clocks in at one minute and six seconds. Tune in below if you dare.

YouTube Video

Infosys asserts that the tune will "serve to reinforce the company's core identity and brand purpose – 'to amplify human potential and create the next opportunity for people, businesses and communities' – when stakeholders interact with the brand."

The tune will get that job done thanks to integration "across Infosys's many platforms used by employees, and across brand assets, ranging from videos to signature events that the company's clients and the broader community engage with."

Or in other words, this will be played at every Infosys event, on every Infosys Zoom, and will probably be used as the ringtone by plenty of Infosys's 300,000-strong workforce. The Register fervently hopes it does not play ad nauseum when you're on hold waiting for support from Infosys. Nobody wants to engage with that.

Sumit Virmani, Infosys executive veep and global chief marketing officer, said the sonic identity is needed because stakeholders now spend more time interacting with brands through digital channels, and those channels are getting crowded.

"The Infosys tune will serve as an auditory reinforcement of our unique brand identity," he marketed. It will also "help deepen the emotional connection our stakeholders have with Infosys by cueing in the promise of opportunity creation that is integral to our brand purpose."

"We aspire for the sound of Infosys to signal and be recognized as the sound of opportunity for all our stakeholders, across markets," he added.

Oh for the simple days of visual logos like the Calendly toilet, Citrix re-inventing itself by re-inverting itself or Dropbox thinking outside the box by giving the world a collection of surfaces.

Please let us know what you think of the sonic identity in the comments. Do you hear the sound of opportunity? Or the sure sign a marketing department needs its budget trimmed? ®

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