Google rebrands 'android' as 'Android' to remove any doubt about its affiliations

'Bugdroid' goes a bit 'Village People' to become 'as dynamic as Android itself'

LOGOWATCH Google may have felt that 12,000 of its workers were surplus to requirements, but the search and ads giant has clearly kept plenty of designers on staff – someone at the Big G has found time to redesign logos for the Android operating system and associated frippery.

Android last received a glow-up in 2019 when Google decided to change colors and names that weren't accessible to all. Out went dessert-themed names for new versions of the OS, while some green elements were changed to black to help the visually impaired.

This time around, Google reckons the global population of three billion Android devices should be reflected in logos that "reflect Android's core ethos of being open, iterative and inclusive."

The new logo was designed to "complement the Google brand palette" and does so by adding a capital A to the operating system's logo. Here's how that looks.

Android rebrand 2023

Android rebrand 2023 - Click to enlarge

Jason Fournier, director of Android Consumer Brand Management, wrote that the change elevates the logo and gives "more weight to its appearance when placed next to Google's logo."

"While we've added more curves and personality unique to Android, the new Android stylization more closely mirrors Google's logo and creates balance between the two," he added, before expressing "hope these small but significant updates to the Android typeface will better communicate the relationship between Android devices and the Google apps and services people already know."

A reminder: open source cuts of Android exist, and it's very possible to run Android without Google apps – though few handset manufacturers make an attempt to do so. The relationship between Android and Google is therefore already very tight, regardless of typefaces.

The logo update also impacts the "Bugdroid" – the cartoonish robot Google uses to anthropomorphize its OS.

The Bugdroid has been given "an entirely new 3D look."

In Fournier's words the mecha-creature is now "as dynamic as Android itself" and has gained "more dimension, and a lot more character." OK.

It's also gained some new personalities that Google thinks represent the diversity it's keen on. Among the variations it's shown off are rainbow Bugdroid, furry Bugdroid, glitterball Bugdroid, construction-helmet-wearing Bugdroid, and something The Reg's LogoWatch desk thinks might be either punk/mohawk Bugdroid or cartoon monster Bugdroid.

Readers looking for Bugdroids that resemble their appearance, occupation, or age group, appear to be in for disappointment.

Google nonetheless asserts Bugdroid "can easily transition between digital and real-life environments, making it a versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts."

Which must be a comfort to those 12,000 former Googlers. ®

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