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How upscaling HPC fabric interconnect can deliver for AI and simulation workloads

Webinar Benjamin Franklin, polymath and scientist, knew a thing or two about time and its unique pressures. As he is famously reputed to have said - 'You may delay but time will not.'

Franklin lived in the 1700s so who knows what he would have made of a modern world that sees so much focus on improving time-to-results levels, particularly for organizations operating in fields such as engineering simulation, digital twins, and AI/ML applications.

The use of HPC clusters that accelerate the design process in simulation is a case in point, giving companies which use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) for rapid product design a competitive edge. And using HPC for data analytics can also help improve existing products and services to cement the revenue stream.

Open source software has become increasingly popular in the development of simulation applications. Cornelis Networks for example has released an enhanced version of its high performance omni-path interconnect - Cornelis Omni-Path Express - based on an industry-conformant, enterprise-class, open source software stack.

Working alongside Altair's Radioss Finite Element Analysis dynamic simulation code, Cornelis Networks' Omni-Path Express accelerated host fabric adapters, edge/director class switches, and gateways can provide a powerful combination that meets the HPC requirement for data intensive projects which span academic, commercial, government and scientific sectors.

Hear more by joining the Register's James Hayes on 25 September 4.30pm BST/11.30am EDT/8.30am PDT as he talks with Matt Jacobs, CCO at Cornelis Networks, and Eric Lequiniou, SVP of Development at Altair. Together they'll explore the importance of using high performance interconnects to meet and scale workload performance requirements while ensuring efficiency and maximum productivity.

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Sponsored by Cornelis Networks/Altair.

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