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Meeting the challenges of accelerated Gen AI and LLM deployment

Webinar The history of flight is littered with stories of vain hope. Before engines could lift flying machines above the birds, brave men strapped on wings and leapt from hilltops, while others launched themselves in doomed gliders, contraptions too heavy and unresponsive to climb far above the ground. Until, that is, advances in the science of flight infrastructure got it right.

The same infrastructure lessons could be said to exist today with the imperative to exploit the power of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to streamline commercial operations and gain that competitive business advantage. But it's important for organizations to ask if their hardware is optimized for the task. GPU-based computing offers high performance, but this can be costly, with extended implementation lead times and a requirement for expertise that may be beyond your team's current knowledge.

That's the subject up for discussion in our latest webinar - How to Accelerate Gen AI and LLM Deployment - on 20 September 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT. You'll hear the Register's Tim Phillips talk to David Hall of Lambda and James Coomer of DDN about the challenges often associated with deploying generative AI and LLMs. The trio will also examine the advantages of Lambda Labs architecture and advise on how you can deliver immediate, impactful results.

Lambda Labs and DDN reckon they have the expertise to identify a solution tailored to meet your immediate needs. With cloud-based and on-premises options that are 40 percent faster than other GPU-accelerated cloud platforms, they say they will deliver results for you in days rather than months.

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