Driving innovation in the age of multi-cloud chaos

How and why T-Systems built its Cloud Platform Services organization in response to multi-cloud demand

Advertorial It's no understatement to say that one of the biggest cloud challenges for IT leaders today is managing the interplay between delivering business outcomes and providing a secure, compliant and operating cost-optimized environment.

Christoph Rode, Senior Vice President, Cloud Platform Services, T-Systems International, knows this challenge well. He has been with T-Systems for over 20 years. As part of Deutsche Telekom AG, one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, T-Systems has more than 27,000 employees and offers managed services to businesses in a variety of industries. 

To benefit its customers, in 2021 T-Systems made the decision to merge its managed infrastructure services and private cloud division with its emerging public cloud division. This resulted in the creation of the Cloud Platform Services organization, headed up by Christoph.

"We realized, looking at our customer base, that if you have a customer that sits on the private cloud and wants to make the journey to the public cloud, keeping those two divisions separated doesn't let them collaborate as they should. By bringing these two groups together, we provide them with easier access to the skills they need to make a transformation – to the public cloud as well as to multi-cloud environments," he said.

On that journey, Christoph says businesses typically need to retain an element of the private cloud if they have legacy applications. "It doesn't make sense to shift them into the public cloud, but you also need to drive innovation, which then comes from the hyperscalers," he adds.

Today, the chaos that is created out of the complexity of this federated environment is escalating. The T-Systems Cloud Platform Services organization helps customers navigate the complexity and understand where they're at on their journey. Its teams guide them to make changes that allow greater control across factors such as cost, compliance, and security. At the same time, T-Systems keeps the focus on the business need to be able to drive innovation, with check marks to track progress.

Watch the video to hear more from Christoph on what it takes to achieve multi-cloud success.

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