The workload placement conundrum

How to get greater storage performance and efficiency with optimal cost and control

Webinar It's a daily decision. Where to locate a workload for maximum efficiency and performance, and to meet your business objectives. Should it be on prem, colo, or the cloud?

As ever IT departments must strike a balance between technical requirements and business concerns such as cost, compliance, or a mandate to use cloud technologies. Yet imagine if some of the key benefits of running on cloud could be available on prem too – scale, flexibility, and pay as you go, even the cloud stack itself - but with the control of running in your own data centre. Conversely, what if you could bring the enterprise-class storage capabilities you use on prem to your public cloud workloads?

Join the Register's Tim Phillips in our latest webinar – How to Supercharge Your Workloads - on 19 September 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT to find out more. Tim will be chatting to John Williamson of Dell Technologies who will explain how Dell APEX helps you develop a flexible, efficient IT strategy by bringing the best of cloud on prem and the best of on prem to the cloud.

APEX lets you run your workloads in exactly the way you want to, exactly where you need to, says Dell. This is a solution that flexes with your requirements on prem or in the cloud while you pay only for what you use. Scaling up is simple, whenever you need access to more resources without expensive and slow provisioning, you can have it.

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