Infosys launches aviation cloud it claims can halve lost luggage

Also optimizes routes and tames crowds, but can't stop that person who just reclined into your knees

Infosys has sent a digital transformation platform for commercial airlines down the runway and claims it could reduce lost luggage by fifty percent.

The Bangalore-based IT services company's "Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud" (ICAC) is said to “deliver personalized experiences, optimized operations, and net zero journeys for clients.”

The platform is built on Infosys’s Cobalt suite, a portfolio of services, platforms and solutions aimed at helping companies move to the cloud it introduced in 2020.

One of the most tangible improvements Infosys said ICAC offers is halving lost luggage rates at hub airports in half. The company says it does this with gate-to-gate bag transfers that improve baggage delivery. The company also claims it can reduce the number of containers used to load and transport cargo, known as Unit Load Devices (ULDs), and shrink the number that go missing to less than two percent through machine learning-enabled tracking methods. The current industry average of lost ULDs is five percent.

Other tasks Infosys promised ICAC can tackle is turning legacy workloads into composable functional capabilities that reside in the cloud; improving crowd control with AI and optimizing route planning for decarbonization – an effort that coincidentally could also reduce flight costs.

According got the > International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), demand for air transport is expected to increase by an average of 4.3 percent per annum over the next 20 years.

ICAO cites logistical implications in and around airports amid growing demand for both human and cargo transport as challenges to industry growth, meaning Infosys’s offering has the potential for soft landings at many carriers.

According to Infosys, Aeromexico Airlines is among the carriers adopting ICAC. Infosys already cites many airlines as past or current customers – including Air Canada, Qantas, AirAsia, and Emirates.

The debut of the Cobalt Airline Cloud is further evidence that India’s top services companies aspiration to become software vendors, a move that positions them to provide the lucrative combination of applications and hands-on-help to clients. ®

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