Smart choices for modern cloud application strategies

Let Google Cloud and The Register help you make decisions that make a difference

Sponsored Post Deciding which of your mission critical applications can, or even should, be migrated into the cloud is never an easy decision.

There are multiple, complex factors to consider around performance, availability, data security and scalability to take into careful consideration. And many IT departments remain unsure on how best they can use containers to make their cloud application deployment faster and easier.

Luckily help is at hand from Google Cloud and The Register, which has put together a library of useful resources designed to offer advice on how to undertake those critical choices and deployments with confidence and efficiency. Check out the Accelerate Your Digital Transformation web page here to discover an eGuide that contains multiple whitepapers, infographics and research reports.

Google Cloud's Make decisions that make a difference: 6 smart choices that will impact your modern cloud application strategy summarises the key challenges that IT leaders face and considers how to solve them, for example. And a key answer to that question can involve the use of containers.

The Total Economic Impact of Google Kubernetes Engine with Autopilot illustrates the versatility of software containers in helping organisations accelerate innovation and improve efficiency without getting bogged down in troubleshooting infrastructure issues and managing data to day operations. Another white paper – Why Containers are the Total Package – lends weight to the argument by showing how containers offer a lightweight, portable way to package and deploy applications. And if you're still not convinced the future is containerized, this Google Cloud report – The Future of Infrastructure will be Containerized – might change your mind.

There's advice for DevOps too with the 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps report. DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) is the largest and longest running research program of its kind, and harvests vital insight from 33,000 IT professionals around the world every year to understand how DevOps practices shape successful software delivery and operational performance based on five key metrics.

Digital transformation is tough enough at the best of times. Let Google Cloud and The Register take some of that pressure away.

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