Gauss we've all got a fresh option for a gen AI handheld: A Samsung device

Vendor promises ChatGPT and DALL•E-esque products in the near future

Upcoming versions of Samsung devices will come equipped with Generative AI features starting next year after the chaebol launched its own tool – Gauss – on Wednesday.

"Samsung Gauss is currently used on employee productivity but will be expanded to a variety of Samsung product applications to provide new user experience in the near future," explained the South Korean giant.

The product, developed by Samsung Research, includes an image generator, a coding tool, and a large language model (LLM).

The ChatGPT-esque Gauss Language composes emails, summarizes documents and translates content. Presumably the generative language model will be available in both Korean and English – although that has not been specified.

Gauss Code and coding assistant (code.i) enable developers to code easily and quickly, Samsung said. It also support functions like developing a code description and generating test cases through an interface.

Gauss Image can create and edit pictures based on prompts. It can also convert low-resolution images into sharper ones.

The trio of tools may be incorporated into the Galaxy S24 series if speculative reporting is correct.

Samsung is rumored to be launching the Galaxy S24 series in "early to mid-January".

In Samsung's Q3 2023 earnings call, execs predicted the spread of on-device AI would provide "additional momentum" to product demand.

Samsung has already said it will bring generative AI to its virtual assistant, Bixby, for use in all its home appliances.

Meanwhile, fellow smartphone juggernaut Apple released its iPhone 15 in September with nary a mention of AI in sight. Its next iteration is not expected until next September.

It is not surprising that Samsung developed its own in-house AI models. Not only because it would eventually be necessary in order for its products to stay competitive, but also because it has had difficulty in the past with employee use of external tools.

In April, Samsung employees leaked secrets – including sensitive in-development semiconductor information – through clumsy use of ChatGPT.

The incidents resulted in a temporary ban on generative AI tools on company-owned devices. ®

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