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Why Dell PowerEdge servers can be a good choice for organizations that need systems purpose-built for AI/ML workloads

Commissioned Artificial intelligence is literally helping us rethink the way we work and how we divvy up responsibilities between humans and machines to ensure innovation is a seamless complement to our day-to-day lives.

AI is automating tasks, augmenting human capabilities and showing people new ideas and opportunities in various lines of business. By tapping into a company's available data, it unlocks value that helps inform current and future business questions. All this added computation means enterprises need to rethink how their infrastructure, and the partners they work with, help them take advantage of this technology, without impeding it.

AI at scale takes some planning

Many enterprises are struggling to adopt AI at scale. They realize that to adopt AI and GenAI to remain competitive, they must think about new infrastructure, the responsible handling of much more trusted stored data, heightened security and increased total cost of ownership. They need to decide which use cases should be prioritized and how best their data can be used. They also must minimize security risks and plan for continued scale-out, because the amount of all this data is not going to lessen any time soon.

It all must start at the data storage and processing level.

With all the new AI use cases and the high-performance computing (AI/ML) needed to process them, enterprises need servers that are up to the task. Just as you cannot buy an underpowered car and expect it to win a Formula One race, you can't buy and install just any server for such data-intensive jobs.

For many enterprises, especially those with smaller IT teams, it can be a big help to have a single provider of hardware, software and services. Most other companies in this sector offer a portion of the components necessary for an AI-ready system, but Dell Technologies is one of only a handful that can provide an entire system with accompanying services.

What Dell Technologies AI brings to an IT system

Dell Technologies, together with its partner ecosystem, can meet customers where they are on their AI journey – right-sizing the solution that is best for them. These include Dell PowerEdge servers; Intel® CPUs, GPUs and other hardware solutions that are optimized for AI workloads; a range of AI software solutions, including machine learning frameworks, data management tools and AI management platforms; and a full suite of AI services, including consulting, deployment and managed services. Dell Technologies also assigns a team to help each user run AI workloads anywhere they need them and scale AI from proof of concept to production, across a wide range of industries including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and retail.

Dell PowerEdge XE series servers with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are purpose-built for these demanding workloads. One of the key advantages of the Dell PowerEdge XE portfolio is their optimized compute capacity. For example, the Dell PowerEdge XE9640 powered by 4x Intel® Data Center Max OAM GPUs with a built-in AI accelerator is designed to drive AI/ML and deep learning neural network applications.

In addition to their computing capacity, Dell PowerEdge servers also offer a number of other advantages for AI/ML workloads. For example, these servers support a range of accelerators, including Intel® Datacenter GPUs Flex Series and Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX) to deliver exceptional AI training and inference performance. With Intel® oneAPI and AI tools, organizations can test and choose the best hardware (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs) for accelerated computing based on their specific needs.

Dell PowerEdge servers also make it relatively easy to manage and automate AI infrastructure. Dell Technologies' OpenManage Enterprise software provides a suite of tools for monitoring, managing and updating servers. In addition, Dell Technologies offers a portfolio of Dell Validated Designs for Generative AI, which provide engineering-validated solutions for common AI workloads. This enables organizations to go from what Dell Technologies calls "AI-possible" to "AI-proven" with engineering-validated solutions that make it easier to deliver faster and deeper analytical insights.

So much of this work has already been conceived, tested, QA'd and pronounced ready to go by Dell Technologies – which means a customer starting out with a new AI system, or another doing an AI retrofit, should feel comfortable in knowing their IT provider has developed all of this and knows the answers to most of the questions they will come up against.

Use cases and customer stories

Examples from actual users can help tell the story in real-world terms. CyberAgent, a major digital advertising company in Japan, now uses Dell PowerEdge XE servers as the key IT infrastructure to drive its generative AI (GenAI) development and digital advertising. This new platform powers CyberAgent's Kiwami Prediction AI service, which maximizes advertising effectiveness by utilizing large language models (LLMs) to create personalized advertising texts and forecast advertising results.

Korean cloud services provider is another example of an enterprise that has benefited from using Dell PowerEdge XE Series Servers for AI workloads. NHN Cloud uses Dell PowerEdge XE servers for its AI-powered cloud services, enabling its customers to develop and deploy AI applications more quickly and easily.

Overall, Dell PowerEdge servers, accelerated by Intel CPU and GPU processors, are a thoughtful choice for organizations that need servers .

You can read more about how Dell PowerEdge can help organizations optimize their AI operations here.

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