Nostalgia for XP sells out Microsoft's 2023 'Windows Ugly Sweater'

Bliss not your thing? You could win the Paint version

Microsoft has once again reminded us of a time when its operating systems only drove us three-quarters around the bend, by issuing the latest Windows Ugly Sweater that features the default Bliss wallpaper of Windows XP.

We at Vulture Central are big fans of the Windows Ugly Sweater, although possibly not for the reasons Microsoft would like. We knew this latest one – pictured below – was coming down the line, but like our esteemed colleagues in the press, we respected the embargo date on the news and quietly awaited our sample.

In the meantime, we amused ourselves by giving an older one away in return for readers' thoughts on what 2024 might hold for IT. We gave another one away back in 2021 and asked for topics that could feature on a future sweater.

Now, we're not suggesting for one moment that our inability to take things seriously or reluctance to slavishly post pictures of ourselves adorned in Microsoft's ironic knitwear might have caused brows to become knitted [I see what you did there - ed.] in Redmond. However, we have yet to receive notification that a sample is headed toward Vulture Central. If it does, rest reassured that we will, of course, pass it on in 2024.

This time, the organization being supported is The Nature Conservancy, and the Bliss sweater is available in limited quantities. When we checked, only the 2XL and 3XL sizes were left and once standard worldwide shipping to the UK as well as taxes are taken into account, the price comes to an impressive £98.28 ($124.84). The base US price is $69.99. So limited in fact the thing has now sold out, oops.

You would need to be quite the dedicated fan of Microsoft's products to pay such a sum for a 55 percent cotton and 45 percent acrylic garment with a design that only XP's creators could love.

Alternatively, you can get the arguably far cooler Microsoft Paint edition for free just by handing over a winning technology prediction for next year. And if you're feeling charitable, we can even donate it on your behalf to a worthy cause. ®

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