Optimizing GenAI for your business

How RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) could be the best way forward

Webinar There are some big security considerations to process when getting up and running with generative AI (GenAI).

Large language models (LLMs) come with a growth curve marked exponential, but with that promise also comes risk. So if you have concerns around the security and accuracy of public AI models, but still want to create something aligned to your data and use cases, then the answer might be Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

RAG helps you avoid huge hardware investment and procurement delays, and lets you use an off-the-shelf LLM with your own data held securely in your own databases. It can be implemented on-premises and allow a flexible response, creating tailored, accurate responses for your own unique requirements. This will avoid deploying to the Cloud with all its inherent risks. Further benefits include the institution of GenAI in days rather than months.

Join the Register's Tim Phillips on 13 December at 5pm GMT/12pm ET/9am PT in conversation with David O'Dell of Dell (no relation) to hear more. David will explain how RAG can help get you started with GenAI and prophesise just where it can take you. He'll also tell you how to expose and dismantle the blockers that prevent you from taking advantage of GenAI, and reveal how RAG can be easily implemented within your business.

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