Why do IT projects like the UK's scandal-hit Post Office Horizon end in disaster?

Lack of skills, funding, and scrutiny – pick three

Kettle This week the incredible scandal that is the UK's Post Office Horizon computer system, which ruined people's lives and drove some to suicide, finally exploded into the mainstream.

It's left the public, media, and politicians openly asking: How does such a project go off the rails so hard, why is the computer supplier Fujitsu still winning massive government IT contracts, and what can be done to avoid this level of fiasco in future?

To answer those ourselves, we caught up with Reg vulture Lindsay Clark, who this week wrote a must-read piece on the public sector's addiction to the likes of Fujitsu plus further coverage of Horizon: Post Office ex-CEO Paula Vennells returning her CBE, and UK PM Rishi Sunak promising swifter justice.

You can replay our chat below – or listen via your favorite podcast distributor: RSS and MP3, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or Google.

On today's 17-ish-minute episode we have, as shown in the thumbnail, your regular host Iain Thomson, and top right, Lindsay Clark, and below him, Chris Williams.

This episode was produced and edited by Nicole Hemsoth Prickett. You can find previous Kettles right here. ®

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