Technology truly is the gift that keeps on giving ... SNAFUs to highlight

Until we can hook schadenfreude directly into our veins, this will have to do

Kettle What was your favorite tech failure this week? You may well agree with our vultures who for this latest Kettle episode selected theirs to talk about.

We'll give you a hint: our list ranges from software seemingly mucking up a Cybertruck and AI coding assistants harming source code quality to one word: Boeing.

You can replay our chat below – or listen via your favorite podcast distributor: RSS and MP3, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, and Google.

In the thumbnail above, clockwise from top left, we have Richard Speed, Tom Claburn, Brandon Vigliarolo, and host Iain Thomson. This 16-minute episode was produced by Nicole Hemsoth Prickett.

You can tune into previous Kettle discussions here. They are a terrific way to find out what's on the minds of our very human journalists. AI? We've heard of IT. ®

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