App deployment with a serverless edge

Easy-to-access, low-latency edge computing infrastructure for building highly responsive and personalized apps

Partner Content Imagine effortlessly building and compiling your apps for global distribution, without worrying about server or network specifics. Enter FastEdge, Gcore's low-latency edge computing product.

FastEdge reflects the expertise of Gcore, a European leader in public cloud, edge computing, AI, and security solutions. The solution allows developers to deploy and run cloud-native and decentralized apps without having to engage in environment configuration or infrastructure maintenance.

FastEdge is a serverless platform designed to address the requirements of modern app development, handling server and network operations. Built on Gcore's robust CDN infrastructure, FastEdge propagates code across 160+ strategically located edge nodes. This ensures that when an end user interacts with an app, FastEdge promptly directs their request to the closest edge node, resulting in remarkable app responsiveness.

Behind the platform's incredible speed is WebAssembly (Wasm) runtime, which serves as the code execution environment. With a cold start time measured in microseconds, it launches up to 100 times faster than conventional container-based serverless solutions. Combined with Gcore's existing low-latency network capabilities, FastEdge is poised to become the go-to choice for building modern applications that demand dynamic content and high levels of personalization.

FastEdge offers support for running lightweight AI models on edge servers, meaning developers can effortlessly build, test, and deploy GenAI apps without needing to build and scale their own AI-ready infrastructure - a critical advantage that reduces time to market in a fast-moving industry.

To ensure reliability and performance, FastEdge runs on Dell™'s PowerEdge™ R6525 servers, selected for their ability to handle complex workloads using highly scalable memory, I/O, and network options. On the security side, FastEdge operates within an isolated sandbox environment, offering developers protection from malware and a consistent, high-performance experience, devoid of the disruptions commonly seen in shared environments.

The potential applications of FastEdge are broad; it caters to frontend and full-stack developers aiming to enhance their website experience, as well as network and infrastructure professionals seeking a powerful solution for sophisticated traffic orchestration.

FastEdge is currently in beta and is available free for JavaScript and Rust developers (with plans to extend support for Go and other languages in the future.) Pricing for the release model will be unveiled soon, but in the meantime, you can try FastEdge for yourself.

This article was contributed by Gcore.

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