Oracle is hiring two new teams to build its cloud faster and stronger

Infrastructure Delivery Engineering team to help build datacenters, data team to create new services

Amid widespread tech layoffs, Oracle is hiring for two new teams to help it build more cloud facilities, and services.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Delivery Engineering team is charged with tackling all aspects of datacenter builds and ops, including the entire lifecycle of physical assets – from planning, design and delivery, to decommissioning.

The purpose of the team's efforts is to grow OCI in both existing and entirely new regions, with the goal of meeting high capacity demands from large and hyperscale customers.

"The OCI Infrastructure Delivery Engineering team will be responsible for building services and tools to accelerate the process by which OCI grows its compute and network capacity," state several Oracle job ads posted in recent days.

"From a technology perspective, this is a greenfield development environment with a huge amount of autonomy, allowing us to build and innovate freely while integrating with existing systems through well-established contracts," states one ad for technical staff.

The database king is looking for software developers, engineers, program managers and other technical staff in places like India, Nashville and Austin to create the tools. Altogether, The Reg clocked over 30 job ads for gigs with the Infrastructure Delivery Engineering team.

Another team Big Red is forming to advance its cloud is described in job ads as the "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Org." A post looking for a principal member of technical staff stated the team would be building a data platform inside OCI to deliver data warehouse, data lake, big data, and business analytics solutions at scale.

The "elite software development team" behind that effort will be working on distributed multi-tenant architecture.

The Reg has asked Oracle to explain why it has created these two teams. We'll update if a substantial reply materializes.

Oracle has previously indicated its intent to grow OCI – fast.

Oracle’s Q2 2024 earnings report, the company’s most recent, revealed OCI revenue of $1.6 billion – up 50 percent year-on-year.

CEO Safra Catz said Big Red expects OCI to "grow astronomically" and that the only limiting factor is Oracle's "ability to get the datacenters handed over and filled up fast enough."

"This quarter alone, we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that we would have been able to recognize if our capacity was available. We've got just so many moving parts," lamented Catz.

These ads suggest another limitation is a lack of people and process.

CTO Larry Ellison described demand as coming not only from generative AI but also the need for onshore cloud storage.

"There is huge demand overseas for sovereign clouds where … governments haven't been able to move their workloads. And a lot of those are government Oracle workloads," stated Ellison.

Catz reiterated that she expects this demand is just the beginning.

"Remember, the Oracle Database is not a toy, it's a mission-critical system. If it just disappeared at companies, the whole planet would come to a standstill," warned the CEO.

If she’s right, everything we know about physics is wrong, bad news for the planet and the Oracle shareholders that inhabit it. ®

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