Moving to Windows 11 is so easy! You just need to buy a PC that supports it!

New Start Menu is a 'game changer' claims relentlessly cheerful vid

Microsoft is again releasing a video to entice more Windows 10 users to make the leap to the brave new world of Windows 11, with market share figures indicating the majority of customers are still reluctant to do so.

The upbeat narrator of the latest video expresses their worries about learning to use Windows 11, but "actually moving was super easy."

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We can only assume the user in question had some hardware that Windows 11 found acceptable. The operating system's infamous requirements rule out a substantial number of PCs happily running Windows 10 for very little in the way of new functionality.

The video is the latest in a series that includes the "Make Your Move to Windows 11 Easier" puff while market share figures paint a bleak picture for Windows 11. According to Statcounter, Windows 11's market share was 27.83 percent in January, quite some way behind the 66.45 percent of Windows 10.

Looking at the past year, it appears Microsoft's new OS is making progress against Windows 10, although a large chunk of Windows 11's share was also likely driven by the fact that Windows 7 hardware is finally being retired.

As if designed to trigger a certain segment of users, the video insists: "This new Start Menu is a game changer." Considering there is an entire industry devoted to undoing the worst of Microsoft's excesses in Start Menu design, we're not sure that "game changer" are the words that we'd choose. Nor, for that matter, would Microsoft exec Mikhail Parakhin, who recently pledged to "make Start Menu great again."

"Moving to Windows 11 really does make the everyday easier," says the video's narrator. Maybe if you're a PC vendor, yes.

Windows 10 will finally drop out of support in 2025, although Microsoft will let you keep the lights on a little longer for a price. ®

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