Apple Vision Pro units returned as folks just can't see themselves using it

Headaches, eyestrain, lack of killer apps cited as some seek refunds

The 14-day return-for-full-refund-no-questions-asked deadline for early adopters of Apple’s Vision Pro “spatial computing” headgear is approaching, and some buyers are openly sharing their decision to return the $3,499 device.

Pre-orders for Vision Pro began on January 19 and the machines went on sale to all-comers from February 2. Apple has reportedly sold around 200,000 of the virtual-reality headsets.

Some owners were not satisfied with Apple’s latest innovation.

A number of netizens, including tech influencer Rjeytech and Parker Ortolani, said they experienced headaches and eyestrain after using the goggles.

"Probably the most mind-blowing piece of tech I've ever tried," Rjeytech said on Twitter. "Can't deal with these headaches after ten minutes of use though."

"Just for the record I've tried other VR headsets before and have never dealt with headaches of any sort," Rjeytech added.

"[The Vision Pro is] clearly the future. It works like magic. But the physical tradeoffs are just not worth it for me right now," Ortolani said of his experience. "I actually went back to the store for a whole second [fitting] session … thought it helped but it wasn't enough."

Of course, the same can't be said for everyone - Farzad Mesbahi, former parts distribution program manager for Tesla and a tech blogger – said the Vision Pro was the only headset that didn't cause him dizziness, headaches, or eye fatigue.

He's still returning the headset, however, because it simply wasn't worth the price given "there's no killer app," Mesbahi opined in a video.

Others agree that the Vision Pro lacked features, like Colombian-American entrepreneur Alexander Torrenegra, who packed his headset up after just two hours of use.

"It's quite cool, but there's nothing in it for me that I'll use frequently enough to warrant my keeping it," the local Shark Tank judge said, adding that he thought a lack of utility would be the general consensus once hype around the device ebbs.

A Reddit poster said much the same - that they only used it four times over their 11 days of ownership and couldn't justify keeping it. A second Reddit poster complained of several issues - including the weight of the device - but also concurred with others that the headset lacks a " must-have feature."

"I'm confident it will hit its stride over time like Apple Watch and iPad did but at the moment, it's a very expensive toy with lots of potential," Reddit user markjbon wrote.

The Register reached out to several of the people mentioned in this story and we didn't immediately receive a response. If you've got one and like it, feel free to let us know in the comment section or privately. We're willing to believe at least some people like it.

While a bunch of social media posts do not a product kill, the fact that many of the complaints from early adopters sound the same - especially that there's nothing to make the device truly useful at the price point - makes it hard to not see this as an early indictment of the Vision Pro's appeal. ®

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