Harness the power of security automation

How to ensure policy management keep up with the risks to data integrity presented by the cloud

Webinar The complexity facing businesses as they make the necessary transition to cloud-native applications and multi-cloud architectures keeps cloud teams firmly on the frontline when it comes to implementing security policies.

The constant risks of misconfiguration and malicious attack demand that already overstretched cloud security practitioners have to find a more effective way of keeping pace with the challenge. And one answer is to introduce automation into policy management practices in a phased and seamlessly manageable way.

Palo Alto Networks has built a cloud-native application protection platform called Prisma® Cloud, which offers what the company calls "code-to-cloud" security. Its designed to let businesses streamline the monitoring and management of security across cloud infrastructures through its advanced automation capabilities.

Join the Register's webinar on 26 February at 5pm GMT/12pm ET/9am PT to find out more. You'll hear Alex Pai, senior director of solutions architects at Palo Alto Networks reveal the range of automated policy management options available in Prisma Cloud.

Alex will provide in-product demonstrations and show you how to clone and enhance existing policies while applying them to a wide range of public cloud services and highlight the platform's advanced automated remediation capabilities. You'll also learn how to set up alerts for responsible parties, automate ticket creation for efficient tracking and quickly generate pull requests while making automatic changes to your code and cloud configurations.

Sign up to the webinar here and we'll remind you when it's time to put the coffee on and listen in.

Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks and Accenture.

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