LinkedIn's turn to fall over: Outage hits thinkfluencer hub

What's not to like? At the moment, everything on Microsoft's social network

Updated If you can't get into LinkedIn at the moment, you're not alone: The social network is unavailable due to an unexplained outage.

Visit the dotcom right now, and you'll be greeted not with stunning insights from thinkfluencers but a message saying: "An error has occurred." The site stopped working shortly before 1300 PT (2100 UTC), preventing people from logging in.

If you hit refresh a few times you might see a HTTP 500 message like the one below:

Screenshot of LinkedIn's outage, with a DNS-related HTTP 500 error

A more detailed error message from LinkedIn, mid-outage ... Click to enlarge

Yes, this could be a DNS screw-up. The message reads:

Unknown Host

Unable to locate the server; the server does not have a DNS entry. Perhaps there is a misspelling in the server name or the server no longer exists; double-check the name and try again. Please double-check the URL (address) you used, or contact us if you feel you have reached this page in error.

So far we're seeing reports of downtime from folks in Europe, and North and South America; it may well be a global outage. has had a surge in complaints, with more than 43,000 in the past hour from peeps unable to tell everyone how blessed they are or scroll through posts about how teamwork makes the dream work.

The Microsoft-owned site's status page shows everything is OK, at time of writing, as does the API health monitor. Clicking through to the LinkedIn developer site and we get another error:

Our services aren't available right now

We're working to restore all services as soon as possible. Please check back soon.

This comes after a multi-hour outage at Meta yesterday. ®

Updated to add at 2200 UTC

LinkedIn appears to be getting back on its feet and recovering. The status page now notes: "Some members may be experiencing issues on LinkedIn. We’re actively working on this and will provide updates as we have them. Thanks for your patience!"

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