The perfect workspace collaborator

Watch this webinar to find out how Google's Gemini can help you work more efficiently

Webinar Imagine having on hand, at all times for all tasks, the ultimate helpmate to coach, inspire and boost your productivity.

Well, Google reckons that champion exists.

Using Gemini for Google Workspace doesn't mean you have to acquire any new or complex technical skills. It just puts generative AI (GenAI) at your fingertips to help empower your teams in sales, finance, HR, marketing, or any other role that involves content creation and collaboration.

The potential benefits to your business could be huge, leaving staff free to focus on high-value activities, improve outcomes and save that most precious of commodities, time.

Join this TechByte webinar on 13 March at 10.30 am GMT/6.30am ET/3.30am PT to hear Google Workplace's Maurizio Di Meo, Customer Engineer and Security Expert, and Drita Savasan, Global Strategic Deal Lead, EMEA explain how you can supercharge productivity with Gemini for Google Workspace.

They'll provide an inside look at how it all works and give you a rundown on the tools you need to help get you started before taking your questions in a live Q&A.

Sign up to access this Supercharge Your Team's Productivity with Gemini webinar by clicking here.

Sponsored by Google Cloud.

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