Meeting the challenge of the Zettabyte age

The business advantage of tape solutions for data storage

Webinar It often seems like there's an infinity of data and an equally infinite demand for longer retention periods. Forecasts estimates that by 2025, the total volume of global data produced will have reached 200 zettabytes.

But where can all this data safely go, and what extra stress and cost on IT budgets does it create? One potential answer to the dual challenges of rapid data growth and digital transformation is to look for an alternative to disk-based storage provision and management – tape.

Tape can offer real benefits in terms of data efficiency, improved cybersecurity and TCO. And by utilizing storage optimization techniques businesses can better manage their data growth, reduce costs and optimize data access and retrieval. Adding tape to existing data storage strategies can also make a tangible contribution to meeting ESG targets.

Join this webinar on 4 April at 5pm BST/12pm ET/9am PT to hear more when Rich Gadomski, Head of Tape Evangelism at Fujifilm Recording Media, and Dan Trass, Manager Post Production Infrastructure at Major League Baseball Network discuss how tape is integral to their data storage and archival requirements. Rich and Dan will look at how tape storage is increasingly used in data-intensive applications and use-cases and ponder where they think tape fits into broader enterprise data storage strategies.

They'll go on to reveal how tape storage is already widely deployed at the heart of cloud and advanced applications such as AI and machine learning, and discuss how its adoption can help to reduce datacenter energy consumption.

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Sponsored by Fujifilm.

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