Innovating with InnerSource

How collective talent and collaboration may reap nothing but rewards for financial services

Webinar There's been quite a surge in open-source software development in recent years, but its use remains unequal across business sectors.

IT departments in some financial services organizations for example have been slower on the uptake of open-source methodologies than others, which means they are potentially missing out on the opportunities for innovation they can provide.

InnerSource is a development methodology which encourages engineers to build propriety software using best practices from large-scale open source projects, utilizing collective talent to share codes through centralized repositories. This approach can lead to accelerated innovation processes and nurture the development of higher-quality applications.

Red Hat is a passionate supporter of open source and has gone on to embrace InnerSource by joining The InnerSource Commons and adopting InnerSource internally. Watch our latest webinar on 10th April at 11am BST/6am EDT/3am PDT when the Register's Tim Phillips will be grilling Dean Clark of Red Hat to find out how InnerSource differs from traditional open-source development practices, the motivation for Red Hat's support and the impact of introducing InnerSource into the company's internal processes and culture.

Tim and Dean will go on to consider the best strategies and practices for cultivating an InnerSource culture within your own financial services organization, such as fostering collaboration and encouraging contributions. They'll also talk about the advantages for developers, which can include increased visibility, opportunities for skills development, and a more collaborative work environment.

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Sponsored by Red Hat.

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