The road to innovation using AI and machine learning

Hear how Amazon Web Services and its partners can help you innovate faster with AI and machine learning

Sponsored Post If your organisation is keen to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), including generative AI (GenAI), and machine learning (ML) to build new applications and services, this series of on demand webinars might provide a useful source of best practice advice from industry experts and companies that have already taken the plunge.

That's what's on offer from the AI/ML Industry Edition of the AWS Together, We Innovate webinar which is available to access now. The agenda was put together with the express purpose of helping customers embarking on a cloud adoption journey to innovate with AI/ML by presenting a range of industry use cases which show how they can "enable new efficiencies, innovate faster, and make quicker and accurate decisions", says AWS.

The adoption of AI certainly looks set to be a game changer for multiple industry verticals, ranging from banking, insurance and financial services, to retail, manufacturing, technology, media and entertainment, many of which are represented here. The momentum behind the technology is already strong according to statistics gathered by AuthorityHacker which suggest that 35 percent of businesses have adopted AI; 77 percent of devices are already using some form of the technology; and nine out of 10 organizations support using AI to gain competitive advantage.

This series of nine webinars - hosted by a range of AWS experts, partners and customers themselves – provides a tantalizing snapshot of just how AI can be used in different scenarios. You'll hear how GenAI can be harnessed to power AI assistants and customer engagement and experience models for example, and where AI/ML can be used to automate data entry processes and improve analytics.

Many also provide first hand testimony on how to overcome the challenges posed by AI/ML adoption and implementation, knowledge of which can help your own projects go more smoothly.

You can see a short summary of all the on demand webinars available, the speakers they feature and register by clicking here.

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