Next Vision, or Vision Next? What we really thought about Google and Intel's AI events

We sat through these conferences so you didn't have to

Kettle This week kicked off with two conferences, Intel Vision and Google Cloud Next, that as you can imagine had artificial intelligence at the heart of them.

Now the headlines and deadlines are over and done with, it's time for our vultures to sound off on what was announced, teased, and not said at these events – and you can replay that chat below.

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Sharing their experience is Thomas Claburn, veteran of many a Google conference session; Tobias Mann, who spent the week digging through Intel's bumf; our editor Chris Williams; and your host Iain Thomson. This 18-minute episode was produced by Nicole Hemsoth Prickett.

If you need a reminder of what went down at Intel Vision and Google Cloud Next, here's a handy summary:

  • Gelsinger: The Intel CEO openly talked about AI eventually automating entire offices – and even whole businesses.
  • Processors: The x86 giant claimed its forthcoming Lunar Lake CPUs will have more than 100 TOPS of AI performance.
  • Accelerators: Intel's Gaudi3 is a final hurrah for the chip family, and may be able to take on Nvidia's H100.
  • Browsers: Hoping to up-sell freeloading corporate users of Chrome, Google announced Chrome Enterprise Premium – which comes with a dash of AI security sauce costing $6 per user per month.
  • FYI, CTOs: The boss of Google Cloud is really psyched about this AI thing.
  • Fully Armed: Google lifted the veil on its long-rumored Arm datacenter processor, dubbed Axion.

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