Identifying third-party risk

The prima facie case for real-time threat intelligence

Webinar Cybercriminals are always on the hunt for new ways to breach your privacy, and busy supply chains often look like a good way to get in under the wire.

Third-party risk is rising, and its scale could be under-reported. So while your threat intelligence defences may tell you about the kinds of attacks that threaten your own business, just ask yourself - does this include protecting you against the risks posed by those belonging to third-party partners?

Andy Grayland, CISO at Silobreaker, will be considering exactly that question in this webinar on 18 April at 3pm BST/10am EDT/7am PDT. The company's business depends upon providing real-time insights about emerging threats, offering advice on how to use threat intelligence to identify third-party risk, and delivering guidance around how to work with partners to mitigate the danger.

Does your security team know what data it can collect and how to correlate such with internal data sources, for example? And how can that information best be used to minimize and manage the risks to both your organizations?

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