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Watch this webinar for a guide to building efficient, secure electricity grids in the digital age

Commissioned Thanks to recent technological advancements, there are many different sources of electricity available which can help organisations address our growing demand for energy from power hungry devices such as electric vehicles (EVs) while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels like petroleum, coal and gas.

It's a diversity that also presents challenges though, not least for utility companies which need to make sure that renewables like solar and wind can guarantee consistent availability of power even when generation levels are impacted by adverse weather or other factors. Efficient management of energy storage is critical here, more so now that power grids have changed from a predictable unidirectional flow to an intermittent, distributed bi-directional flow where power flows dynamically depending on the energy resources available.

And with energy grids being a vital component of the critical national infrastructure (CNI), those digital management systems are especially vulnerable and need to be properly protected against cyber threats which can threaten grid reliability and cause significant social and economic disruption.

Watch this webinar – Dell Validated Designed for Energy Edge with Forescout - to find out how Dell Technologies is helping utility companies address those challenges.

You'll hear Lalit Lopez, product manager for the edge energy vertical, discuss how Dell is partnering ABB and Forescout to help utility firms modernize their grid management systems by emphasizing the importance of virtualization, cyber security, consolidation, and deploying on ruggedised Dell hardware that meets IEC-61850 requirements.

Lalit is joined by Daniel Trivellato, VP Product and Engineering for OT and IoMT at cyber security company Forescout Technologies. Together they highlight the challenges faced by utility companies in managing increasing demand for energy, the need for clean energy sources, and the importance of deploying decentralized grid management solutions at the network edge.

They finish by discussing how Dell Technologies' solutions can help utility companies modernize their substation infrastructure through advanced monitoring and management capabilities and highlight the importance of protecting that infrastructure from cyber threats by applying advanced threat detection and mitigation defences.

You can find more detailed information about the Energy Edge here.

Commissioned by Dell.

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