Big Cloud is still making bank – Is this AI adoption, price rises, or what?

Shareholders are loving it. What are customers getting out of it all?

Kettle This week a chunk of Big Tech reported its latest quarterly financial figures, and our beady eyes were on whether the ongoing AI obsession will pay off for these mega corporations.

Alphabet and Microsoft revealed soaring profits and sales. Atlassian's revenues were also up and it turned a modest profit. IBM squeaked in a sales increase as well as net income growth. Adjacent to this, Meta ran into trouble by saying it'll take a while for its AI efforts to become profitable, and Intel saw its stock price fall, too.

What does this mean for the IT world? As you can watch below, our vultures break it down. For this Kettle episode, we have our systems editor Tobias Mann, the ever-sharp Brandon Vigliarolo, editor Chris Williams, and host Iain Thomson.

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You can watch the full show above, or listen via: RSS and MP3, Apple, Amazon, and Spotify. Will AI match expectations? Add your views in the forum. ®

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