What do we make of Apple's plan B for a down quarter – that $110B buyback of shares?

Plus: What our vultures thought of the US v Google trial that's wrapping up

Kettle Apple had a moderately glum first three months of the year, though the iGiant found a way to keep the most important people happy. Yes, we mean Wall St.

Was it to invest in the next actual-must-have tech? Maybe build its own iSearch engine so that it doesn't have to rely on, or dare we say compete against, Google? No, it was to spend $110 billion purchasing its own stock – the largest share buyback in American history and a move the markets loved.

For this latest episode of The Register's Kettle, our fine journalists Brandon Vigliarolo and Tom Claburn, our editor Chris Williams, and your host Iain Thomson dived into Apple's outlook as well as the DOJ-Google trial. You can playback our discussion below.

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