Tesla devotee tests Cybertruck safety with his own finger – and fails

Faith in frunk flunks

We know that Tesla Cybertruck owners are very special, and their mothers love them very much, but perhaps the most special of all is the one who "broke" his finger attempting to demonstrate the safety of the "frunk" closing mechanism.

The frunk is powered and shouldn't be closed manually, according to the owner's manual, because it could cause damage. This is operated either through the mobile app or a button on the frunk itself.

The documentation repeatedly warns owners to "ensure that all hands and other objects are free of the powered frunk before closing it" due to the risk of "damage or serious injury."

All the same, owners have demonstrated that a sensor system is in play, which beeps and reopens the frunk when an obstacle is detected. Some have gone so far as to stick their digits in the way as a show of faith in the latest Muskmobile. It appears this faith is sorely misplaced.

Responding to a video where another idiot had his finger crushed in the frunk, a Tesla fan going by Joe Fay – no relation – insisted in a YouTube Short that this shouldn't be happening.

"There's no way it would actually crush your finger, right?" the devotee wonders. "Let's put it to the test!" Yes, let's.

With the rigor of a true scientific mind, Fay begins with his arm. The frunk chimes and raises. OK, hand now. Bing! Up it goes. Finger ... the moment of truth. The faint of heart among us should probably look away now. Bing! What?

"Oh, it stopped! It hurt a little bit but it didn't crush my finger. We're good, we're good."

But Fay didn't count on the bloodthirstiness of the average netizen – or maybe he did. Doing incredibly stupid and/or dangerous things for views isn't unheard of in the "content creator" industry.

According to his viewers, he was doing it wrong. "In my last video, everybody kept saying that when the Tesla Cybertruck was coming down on my finger that I pushed up to make it open up and sense my finger, but that's not just not true," he says in a follow-up titled MY CYBERTRUCK BROKE MY FINGER.

"To prove that wrong, I'm going to put my finger completely flat against the Cybertruck this time. I'm not going to hover it, I'll put it completely flat and see if it crushes my finger because everybody is asking."

He then takes a twig and tests the frunk's effect, which, as you might expect, effortlessly chops the stick in two. At this point, we have to marvel at Fay's extreme bravery. I don't know about you, dear reader, but I would be seriously questioning the wisdom of what I was about to do.

"Hopefully, my finger doesn't break like that, but let's find out." Yes, let's.

Undeterred, Fay lays his finger flat on the body as the frunk door descends. A sharp intake of breath is followed by a long series of howls, yowls, and yelps – music to the ears of those who delight in watching natural selection in action.

"OK, oh my God, owwwww. OK, I can't even move my finger right now, I might have actually broken it," he groans once freed from the "stainless" steel maw. "Look at how bad that puncture is."

It's not like Tesla didn't warn you. ®

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