Changing the rules for software development

How platform engineering is coming of age

Webinar Some industry forecasts predict that 80 percent of software companies will have a dedicated platform engineering team in the next two years.

This approach to software development may signal an end to teams roping things together and debugging their own tool sets since they can access centralized tools and processes on self-service platforms. And that should free up developers to spend more of their time writing code rather than managing complex infrastructure or doing administrative tasks.

Of course, nothing is that simple. Adopting platform engineering into your organization could be a bit of a culture shock that requires time, commitment and collaboration to succeed.

Join our Regcast on 28 May at 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT to find out more. You'll hear The Register's Tim Phillips quiz Antonio Carlos Zegunis Filho of Andela about how platform engineering can solve many of the problems IT leaders currently face.

Tim and Antonio will reveal how it can change the developer experience and approach to sourcing talented programmers for example, before they go to explain exactly what platform engineering is and discuss the best way to adopt it.

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