TR-069, a protocol that made broadband manageable, turns 20. What's coming next?

In less than 13 minutes, we'll get you up to speed on USP

Interview Technical report 69, or TR-069, which defines how people's broadband routers and other customer-premises equipment can be remotely provisioned and managed by ISPs automatically, is turning 20 years old.

It's a protocol that made providing broadband internet a lot easier and straight forward for subscribers.

Now's the time for TR-069, aka the CPE WAN Management Protocol, to retire gracefully, and be succeeded by TR-369 aka the User Services Platform or USP.

Jason Walls, a co-director at the Broadband Forum, which oversees these technical specification, assured us it's going to be a smooth transition.

"We don't really use the term 'deprecate' as a hard line," Walls told us in an interview you can replay below. "It really just means is that the time has come for us to [say] we're not gonna change anything about [TR-069] … so all of our work in the future is all going to be on TR-369."

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"I like to think of it as like a sun setting," Walls added, pointing also to a graphic of TR-69 as a cowboy riding off into the sunset. "He'll still be there if we need to call him."

Catch the above chat for a little bit of history about this protocol that is pretty fundamental but mostly out of sight, and what's coming for CPE provisioning and monitoring. ®

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