Was there no one at Microsoft who looked at Recall and said: This really, really sucks

Our vultures weigh in on the week that was more 'what we Built' than 'what you can Build'

Kettle Microsoft held its annual Build developer conference this week with that bizarre Copilot+ PC launch tacked on the side.

As many of you have wondered, did no one at Redmond take a look at the Windows Recall feature – which was unveiled during the Arm PC launch with Qualcomm – and say: "Er, this might just backfire?"

To discuss this and more for our latest Kettle episode, we're joined by UK-based vulture Richard Speed, Tobias Mann and Chris Williams over in the US, and your host Iain Thomson. You can replay our post-event catch-up, produced and edited by Nicole Hemsoth Prickett, below.

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Here are some more stories from Build by the team:

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