Add composability to your application development

Join this webinar to learn how composable applications can help you achieve and maintain market dominance

Webinar Agility is a often essential to business development, but for some organizations it can be difficult to maintain without application development.

Xactly believes that 'composability' is key to that application development – namely being able to smoothly integrate and assemble reusable modular components into a foundational architecture for adaptive change. Composable applications can help your business to achieve sustainable operational resilience, says the company, especially in Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Revenue Intelligence (RI) operations.

Join this webinar on 18 June at 2024 5pm BST/9am PT/12pm ET for the full rundown. You'll hear Matt Hohmann, Senior Product Manager at Xactly and Baruch Frost, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Lead at Oracle explain the transformative power of composable applications across the revenue lifecycle. They'll go on to reveal how you can obtain real-time insights at speed and scale with the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform running on Oracle Cloud, and share insights and strategies to which they promise can dynamically boost your business.

Xactly will also showcase its Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform capabilities (powered by Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure) which enables composability for customers to power their SPM, RI and RevOps processes – revealing how Xactly's product suite enables nuanced, integrated, and extensible experiences.

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