California upgrade company aims militarized 'Tactical' Cybertruck at police forces

Criminals expected to counter Tesla truck with water guns and driving offroad

A California company has retrofitted a third-party tactical version of Tesla's Cybertruck for the police, though it's not clear if this is really the vehicle officers will want to use.

The modified version of the truck is made by UP.FIT, which has made police cars out of Tesla EVs since 2020. On the surface, the Cybertruck is certainly not the most obvious candidate for law enforcement, but it does boast a mostly bulletproof exterior, good speed and range, and plenty of space.

UP.FIT's upgrades to the Cybertruck, which it calls "the most epic tactical vehicle on earth," include the typical red-and-blue lights, sirens, and police force livery, but also some more high-tech items like mounted spotlights and a 21-button remote to customize the siren and lights.

In addition, there are plenty of optional upgrades, including even better bulletproofing, armor, Starlink internet access, and a "future proof package" that includes fleet management software, prepaid maintenance, and other kinds of support.

Compared to the kinds of armored vehicles used by SWAT teams in the US today, which in extreme cases include tanks and APCs, the police Cybertruck may even look a little tame.

Though, Tesla's electric truck has a decent amount of problems that could certainly complicate its performance in a police setting. For instance, it has a very hard time going offroad as one user discovered when he tried and failed to drive his Cybertruck up a hill that other vehicles could climb. The same user also discovered that offroading without removing the truck's wheel fairings can cause them to break off entirely.

It's not too hard to imagine a wanted criminal evading a police officer in a Cybertruck by merely going offroad and then finding a hill to drive over. Though, UP.FIT does offer an optional offroad package, which may mitigate the issues the Cybertruck has encountered.

The rusting issues of the Cybertruck might also pose a slight issue for the police, assuming the modified version doesn't come with a clear coat in addition to its black paint. If not, then it wouldn't be difficult to vandalize police Cybertrucks with a water gun or water balloon.

But on the other hand, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his truck will one day be able to cross bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, and even seas, as long as they aren't "too choppy." If that "one day" ever reaches fruition, it could come in super handy for the rare police chase that goes from land to water, as long as the Cybertruck's boat mod works and prevents the vehicle from immediately sinking. ®

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