Microsoft pulls Windows 11 24H2 from Insider Release Preview Channel

Recall controversies, performance problems, apps freezing as some call it 'disastrous'

Microsoft has quietly frozen the rollout of Windows 11 24H2 to Windows Insiders on the Release Preview Channel.

The pause was announced via an addition to the original release blog, in which Microsoft had earlier boasted of the preview of new features ahead of general availability later in 2024. The update included goodies like Wi-Fi 7 support, Sudo for Windows, Rust in the Windows kernel, and various Windows 11 user experience tweaks.

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Was there no one at Microsoft who looked at Recall and said: This really, really sucks


While Microsoft noted that AI functionality, including the controversial logging feature Recall, would not immediately be available "as they require a Copilot+ PC," enabling Recall on a PC lacking the exotic AI silicon proved relatively straightforward for security expert Kevin Beaumont.

Microsoft has not given a reason for hitting the pause button. Windows Insider Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc remarked: "I don't have anything more to share beyond what's in the blog post and that we are working to get it rolling out again shortly."

A glance at Microsoft's Feedback Hub, however, shows that all is not well with Windows 11 24H2. Microsoft recommends the Release Preview Channel for commercial users or customers keen to test the operating system prior to general availability. Users who don't mind a bit of instability or the odd rough edge can opt for the Dev Channel.

Yet the lengthy list of complaints indicates issues with the operating system. Users have reported application freezes, degraded performance, and problems with VPNs. Others have taken to social media to unload their dissatisfaction. One described the Arm release as "disastrous, worst 'release' preview I can remember."

At the tail end of last week, Microsoft finally admitted – as it pulled 24H2 from the Release Preview Channel – that the Recall feature, which takes a snapshot of whatever is on the user's screen every few seconds, was going to need some changes before the preview ships on June 18.

In 2018, Microsoft released a version of Windows 10 with a potential data deletion bug. Six years on, the company appears to be aiming its gun at the other foot with the "privacy nightmare" of Recall and a slew of issues turning up in the Feedback hub.

Pulling Windows 11 24H2 from the Release Preview Channel is an indicator that maybe – just maybe – Microsoft listens to its users after all. ®

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