Using AI to guide tomorrow’s England stars to greater glory

The English FA is using Google Cloud AI to gain insights from scouting reports to nurture star footballers of the future

Sponsored Post The drive to nurture aspirant footballing talent is one of the latest ways that advanced technology is helping transform the beautiful game.

At St George's Park, home of English football's governing body the Football Association – The FA – and the national team, identifying outstanding footballers at an early stage of their career is critical to ensuring that the England squad will field world-class players in the tournaments and championships of the future.

The FA's development teams are collaborating with long-standing partner Google Cloud – official Data Analytics Partner of the England team – to develop solutions that enable the FA's scouts to identify and encourage young footballing talent.

Using Google Cloud's Vertex AI development platform and Gemini AI foundation models, the FA's historical scouting reports are transformed into concise summaries that reveal the hidden knowledge they've collected over the years.

These AI-powered tools provide at-a-glance player evaluation with deeper context, consistency and reliability, says England Men's Senior Football Team Manager Gareth Southgate speaking in this video.  

"AI taps into a goldmine of past scouting reports, instantly revealing insights into a player's development journey," explains Gareth. "It highlights where they are truly strong – and where they might need extra guidance – so that our coaches can step in with support that makes a real impact."

Gareth adds: "Every kid deserves a chance to shine. That's the spirit that drives everything at St George's Park, with the aim of giving each player a fair shot at greatness."

In the video Gareth also outlines how Google Cloud's generative AI (GenAI) solutions help to find ways to level the playing field for developing talent, so that each young footballer is given informed coaching that enables them to develop skills and abilities to their fullest potential.

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