On demand webcast: DevOps and security – you don't have to play open source whack-a mole

Tune in to our Reg webinar for tips from infosec experts

Promo Better, faster, cheaper… these are the promises of DevOps. The future of software development and operations is all about speeding up development and deployment through cloud-based infrastructure and open source software.

There’s a general assumption that if anyone can see open-source code, then chances are somebody has spotted its vulnerabilities. The forums are full of recently discovered exploits and patches, but do they provide a cast-iron assurance? For example, what if your software is still reliant on an older version? How do you know which packages are involved, and what are their licensing terms?

Many organisations either don’t know if they are at risk, or they are having to slow down their DevOps cycles to find out.

Tune in to this webinar to hear experts from security specialist CA Veracode and analyst firm Freeform Dynamics discuss the latest trends in DevOps open-source security.

They review the scale of the issue, both in terms of threat levels and potential consequences, and consider the tools and technologies, processes and practices to assure better, faster, cheaper and secure software comes out of the DevOps cycle.

If you want to head off the risks of open source DevOps delivery before they become threats, this on-demand webcast is a must.

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