Today's webcast: Hackers don't care if you're big or small. Tune in to find out how to protect your mid-sized biz

EDR is an SMB's best friend, says F-Secure

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Webcast We don’t want to spook anyone, but… cyber-criminals have been busy.

Hackers and online crooks may already be reaching inside your perimeter to gain access to servers and other machines. From this vantage point, they can siphon off your data – they are, frankly, pretty good at it.

To miscreants, the size of a target is irrelevant. While larger businesses may have whole teams of experts dealing with barrages of cyber-security alerts, small and medium-sized organisations lack the skills and resources to put a comprehensive response together. Let’s put it this way: simply just keeping your antivirus up to date is not enough when facing today’s sophisticated and determined threat actors.

Tune into today's webcast, brought to you by F-Secure, at 3pm GMT to find out what smaller enterprises can do to protect themselves.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions can go a long way towards minimizing the level of threat, though they need to be chosen and used in the right way. In this webinar, aimed at those responsible for IT security, we talk to an expert at F-Secure to determine:

So, if you are looking to augment your arsenal with a game-changing security control, register right here and join us this afternoon.

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