Nothing much happened in the year 2000

Two days to the millennium Hogmanay

HW Roundup Hardware Central looks back on the year 2000 here, with the observation that things like the Pentium 4, Rambus et al were, with hindsight, blown completely out of proportion. Us journalists blowing things out of proportion? Nah, we leave that to people at Norton Rose. [That's a very cheap joke and I'll be glad when Lucy Sherriff's back, Ed]

AMD Zone for points to this page on AMD's own site, detailing a patch you can deploy if your AGP applications seem to be going crazy when the Athlon and W2K party together.

But others think this patch has been round for a while, perhaps for as long as six months. So we changed the headline, if you're wondering why it's changed.

The sensibly named Insane Hardware has here news of a Pentium III Epox DDR board, courtesy of Via-Marmosetzilla. Overclocking, apparently, is easy as only lemon cheesy could be.

And on the subject of overclocking, OC Workbench tell of how they can make a Duron that costs three times less than an Intel CuMine behave outrageously fast.

Looking for a cheap [that should be budget, Ed] video card? Anandtech has the answer here.

Finally, despite slowdowns in the PC market, repeated electrical failures in Hsinchu Science Park, and an altogether harrowing year, the official Computex Trade Fair site is reporting the Taiwan government sponsored Institute for Information Industry as saying that hardware will grow by as much as 20.5 per cent this year. There's only two days left this year, but never say never, as we never say. ®

Are you a hardware freak? Do you love great big massive coolers, overclocking your chip and running your PC under the cold tap? See the Hardware Archive for whatever turns you on.

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