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"You smell funny, your annoying and your opinion is no startling suprise"

Soft and idle grasp enflames Mac Mullah

Re: How I learned to stop worrying, and abandoned Mac OSX

Dear Andrew

It is unfortunate that you unwisely decided not to preface each sentence of your article with the proviso 'in my opinion'...It is expected that most of a articles substance will be drawn from the articlistee's depth of experience, and here we read various motions to that effect...unfortunately it seems however the facts of your article...wrong in many places as stand-alone 'facts', are also wrong as opinion unless strongly and honestly expressed as personal opinion; which, of course you did not pretend. It is also unfortunate that on the basis of your personal opinion you effect a tone of dire 'warning'...Even you must be aware of the unlikelihood of your personal opinion mattering much in the scheme of things.

I respect that you consider yourself a heaven sent arbituer of matters concerning UI and technology. But i wonder ; do you really think that , despite the fact many will identify the soft and idle grasp regarding detail and actuality concerning you really think you will 'rip-the-lid-off' this UI conspiracy, and thousands will follow due to the strength of your conviction, judgement and strong and threatening sounding references to irrelevent but impressive sources?

I failed to find anything of note in your article except that you overreact to things you feel are denied you within OSX. I did note several errors that suggest your knowledge of X is not what you would pretend it to be, and thatgiven several possiblities, you will choose one most damning, as you style yourself an angry God of the UI , given to effecting, where you may, a deluge, if offerings are not burnt to liking.

i have become tired your sort running around damning us for our sins, and warning us of imminient doom, and promising to show the'true' path to UI goodness.

Lets face it: your unpleasant to look at, you smell funny, your annoying and your opinion is no startling suprise. Go back to your hermits cave and your Linux...moron....and don't return untill you can tell us something we don't already know...obviously better than you, and with a greater degree of depth.

Yours Very Sincerly

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