Spam Cube signs for British debut

Anti-spam gadget coming before Christmas

Got Tips? is due to offer Spam Cube's automatic anti-malware home-network gadget to British buyers before this coming Christmas, the hardware maker revealed today.

The 11.5 x 11.5cm unit sits between your broadband modem and scans incoming email messages for attempts to flog viagra, male member enhancement products, schemes to steal personal information and so on. It works with POP3 email accounts and can cover up to four networked computers, be they Windows PCs, Macs and/or Linux boxes.

spam cube's spam cube will sell the box for £99. The price covers the hardware and automatic updates. Spam Cube may also sell UK buyers a extra, premium subscription service Security OnDemand which adds anti-virus and anti-phishing, but at this stage the company has not announced its UK availability or price. ®


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