AWS Go-ing Google's way

Joins the Golang gulag

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The Go language, familiar to those working in the wonderful world of Docker, is inching its way into the Amazon Web Services environment.

In what'll be seen as a big win for the language, AWS is working on adding Go to its existing suite of SDKs – Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP and Objective C.

Created by Google luminaries Ken Thompson, Rob Pike and Robert Griesemer, the language went live within Google in 2011. It was designed to provide a combination of high concurrency and low memory usage, and that's helped it start gathering fans.

Rather than carve its own code, Amazon has taken over development of an SDK developed by Stripe. Stripe first announced its Go support in September 2014 here.

Stripe explained its interest in “Golang” on the basis of performance: porting its services to the language got it between two and fourfold performance improvements.

Announcing its project, Amazon says it spotted the Stripe project, and since it uses “techniques very similar to how our other official AWS SDKs are developed”, it took over aws-go.

Currently, the project – at GitHub here – will be considered an experimental effort while the company hardens the APIs, expands the test coverage, and bakes in some extra features. ®


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