Streak life: Oz woman flashes boobs at Google Street View car

Cops claim mammaries 'n' genitals go in same category

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A 38-year-old Australian woman, who flashed her bresticles at a Google Street View spycar, has been accused of disorderly behaviour.

Alarmingly, Oz cops claimed that the alleged fleshy exposure back in January was "the same as someone flashing their genitals and the public expectation is that we take action."

An image of Karen Davis waving her arms in the air with her top sat proudly above her boobs subsequently appeared on the Chocolate Factory's mapping service, as reported by the Adelaide Advertiser.

However, Google has since, er, rubbed out Davis's entire body from Street View.

Davis, for her part, dismissed the complaints from police about her actions.

"It amuses me because what about the drug dealers of the town, the murders that have happened in this town, shouldn’t you be focusing on that?,” she said.

And, readers with dodgy tickers take note: "I didn’t give any old man a heart attack – that I’m aware of," Davis warmly added. ®


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