Hyperconverged systems behind the buzzwords

What are they, and what can they do for you?

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Handy synopsis for you

Bad news: today we all suffer from fragmentation, complexity and inability to manage our data centres. Worse news: the lifetime of your hardware is going up, so you’re stuck with it. Worst news: investment is still being squeezed.

Good news: we have a Regcast for you on 17 July at 11:00 BST which will show you how converged systems can take you to the next generation of data centres, offering speed, convenience, and flexibility. Better news: It’s free, just sign up here. Best news: we’ve got Marcus Thompson coming in from HP, and Tony Lock, the Dark Lord of analyst Freeform Dynamics, will be giving his opinion as well. As Regcast regulars know, this is one of the things Tony cares about VERY MUCH.

We’ll be covering the business case for converged systems, the path to hyperconvergence (spoiler alert: it’s not the same thing), the applications that benefit most, and the challenges and benefits along the way. ®


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