What balls! India blocks 0.00008 per cent of web in anti-pr0n move

Lube up your censorship-dodging dongles and get to work

The Indian government has got a grip on the Asian nation's masturbation issues and dished out an order to ISPs to block access to a staggering 857 pornography websites.

While the private perusal of pornography is perfectly permissible in India, both its sale and distribution is a criminal offence.

The nation, birthplace to the Kama Sutra, has lately seen a Supreme Court petition seeking a seminal decree to ban citizens' right to access masturbation-aiding imagery.

The Supreme Court ultimately declined to rollout the block, according to the Hindu, choosing to maintain citizens' constitutional right to personal liberty which ensures Indians are free to chat to buxom babes in their local area from the privacy of their own rooms.

Section 69(A) of India's Information Technology Act (PDF) allows India.gov.in to block public access to websites on national security grounds.

A Reddit user complained: "Dude, what the fuck? I thought this was India. Not fucking Saudi Arabia... Why do these idiots do this shit?! There is no way you can actually ban porn in India."

Adding his, or her, derision at the ISP-level blocking move, the user added: "Porn, uh, finds a way."

According to India Today, the Indian Department of Telecommunications has demanded ISPs block 857 websites "serving pornography", citing "two persons familiar with the matter, who declined to be named." India Today is also hosting a list of all 857 filtered sites.


According to Internet Live Stats, there are roughly 980,120,000 websites online at the moment. Some 857 of these have been filtered by ISPs on government orders, so roughly equivalent to 0.00008 per cent. ®

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