Call of Duty terror jabber just mindless banter

Security bods laugh at fear-monger failure

Video Eye-watering claims that video games are secure communications hubs for terrorists have been shot down in a demonstration by security wonks who tested claims nation-states could not intercept chatter and that messages can be written in bullet holes.

Playstation 4 was last year fingered as a favourite communciations channel for death cult ISIS in the wake of the Paris attacks.

From there it was suggested gamer thugs could create private lobbies and write terror plots using bullets to pepper walls with holes.

Game items like Mario coins could be arranged on the floor, even.

Now a trio of security boffins have terminated the idea that video games are a more secure form of communications after testing the Playstation 4 messaging capability and the feasibility of writing text using game items.

"There are fundamental flaws in TLS that definitely make it possible to" monitor PlayStation 4, one chirped, noting that the mechanism is flawed and obtaining keys is within the resources of a spy agency.

Software like What's App was "significantly harder" to hose than the PS4 Network, he says, directly contradicting claims of Belgian Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon who told media the opposite.

The trio laughed as they tried and failed to write anything on the walls with bullets.

"You cannot communicate large chunks of information effectively," Duo researcher Mark Loveless said. ®

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