Automic grasps plug-in, reaches for OpenStack

Enterprise ops people best placed to float clouds for devs

Automation vendor Automic has clambered onto OpenStack with a plug-in to link its software to the open Cloud platform.

The vendor said the plug-in would streamline the “deployment and provisioning of OpenStack resources and alongside application components and new versions, resulting in the Continuous Delivery of applications to the cloud.” Thereby killing multiple buzzwords with one stone, if nothing else.

More specifically, the plugin should aid the creation, starting, stopping, deleting and configuration of compute resources, the management of config changes, and automated dynamic scaling.

The package, available via the Automic marketplace, includes a package manager, to create “application artifact packages” which are run across provisions environments and tracked by the system. It also includes a workflow editor for workflow versioning and user access management. Automic claims it will support “hundreds” of developers in parallel.

Austria-born Automic has been around since the 1980s, and was formerly known as UC4, but rebranded itself three years ago, and has enthusiastically latched onto the DevOps and Continuous Delivery movements.

In its statement yesterday, it made the point that “While a big chunk of the DevOps movement is spearheaded by development, operations are usually in the driver’s seat for Cloud adoption at enterprises.”

It added, “A hybrid cloud strategy is the predominant choice of most enterprise IT departments, while OpenStack is leading in the open source software space for creating private and public Clouds.“

It didn’t offer any stats to back up those claims, but we reckon Reg readers are the best qualified to verify them, or pull them down. Answers below please. ®

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