McDonald's Sweden adds fries to VR

Google switches from Chocolate Factory to Fat Factory

Forever on the lookout for ways to avoid criticism that its packaging creates unnecessary litter, McDonald's has remade its Happy Meal boxes in Sweden so they can be re-folded into Google Cardboard VR sets.

News of the promotion comes to us from AdWeek, which said the company plans to run off 3,500 "Happy Goggles."

There will also be a "360°" skiing game for the Happy Goggles, called "Slope Stars," which is pitched with "fun and safety" messaging.

"When combined with a smartphone, the Happy Goggles lower the threshold so that everybody can afford to experience VR," Maccas Sweden's press release says.

[Of course, everybody could already afford Google Goggles: you just have to download the design, cut out the cardboard, and add the 3D red-and-blue-lenses – El Reg.]

Sensitised to how its every move is scrutinised, criticised and generally denounced, McDonald's Sweden lined up a couple of child psychologists to mention that families getting together to play games is A Good Thing.

And it will, after all, keep the cardboard out of the waste-stream for a little longer than just using it to serve a meal. Any burger residue that ends up on your face will be a badge of ecological honour.

Back in its home territory, Mountain View has just announced direct sales of Google Cardboard from its online store.

AdWeek notes that Pizza Hut has had a shot at turning its cartons into a movie projector, and Mattel is reviving its View-Master. Vulture South reckons commentards can at least equal if not beat such pedestrian promotions ... ®

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